Commodities update | 24 May 2022

Oil prices remain supported in tight markets, and while European gas prices corrected last week, Russia’s decision to cut supplies to Finland highlights the ongoing risk of a wider stoppage of Russian gas deliveries to the EU. Gold meanwhile has found a footing and bullion finally ended the run of weekly losses, while the risk … Read more

Market Update – May 24 – Bear Market Rally?

USD slipped again (USDIndex down a whole big number), Stocks rallied as Euro moved higher on rate hike expectations, Asian markets fell (Nikkei -0.97%) after Snap’s profit warning and US Futures are lower. Shanghai & Beijing tightening Covid rules, Biden no change to Taiwan policy, Ukraine is a global issue prodding neutral countries. Zelenskiy says … Read more

Market Update – May 19 – Fears mount

Trading Leveraged Products is risky Stock markets sold off, after a slide on Wall Street, with tech stocks in Hong Kong particularly under pressure. Tencent slumped after reporting no revenue and individual company reports aside markets are concerned by the impact of China’s zero Covid policy, The Ukraine war and … Read more

Bad luck for Netflix | HF Analysis

After Netflix’s hot streak during the pandemic, the situation has been reversed and the company is going through a time of slowing growth for multiple reasons, from inflation caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war to subscribers sharing their accounts, and in a matter of one quarter the price has fallen more than 75% of the total … Read more

Coffee Survives Amid Global Demand Concerns

Coffee prices have recently held on amid global demand concerns, including the Chinese government saying it will continue its strict Shanghai-Beijing pandemic lockdown, and the Russia-Ukraine war restricting Brazil’s coffee exports to those countries. In today’s trading, #coffee recovered from early losses and moved higher as the strengthening of the Brazilian real hampered export sales … Read more

Market Update – May 20 – Stocks at record lows

Major indexes were all underwater, In and out of bear market territory as worries about growth and concerns over inflation weighed heavily on investor and consumer sentiment. Companies continue to warn over the impacts of elevated inflation, including rising costs of labor, materials, energy, and transportation which are taking a big bite out of profits. … Read more

USA500 on the Brink of a Bear Market

After reaching an all-time high around 4800 in December 2021, supported by massive stimulus and ultra-loose monetary policy from central banks globally, which helped spur the recovery of the global economy from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, global stock markets are broadly down this year, with the US500 down about 18% year to date … Read more

Events to Look Out for Next Week

The growth outlook is looking shaky, yet with inflation going through the roof, the Central Banks remain on course for additional tightening measures. The Ukraine war and the standoff with Russia meanwhile remains a serious risk for the whole of Europe. Meanwhile the global industrial sector could benefit once China’s … Read more