BTCUSD, S&P500 & GOLD – April 18th to 22nd, 2022 » Learn To Trade The Market

Note on Charts: It’s important you are trading with a broker that offers True 5 Day New York Close Charts. Note On Brokers: Download our Preferred Broker Platform with New York Close Charts Here. BITCOIN (BTCUSD) – CASH: Potential Breakdown From Multiple Inside Bar Pattern (WARNING NOTE ON CRYPTO CURRENCY: As Bitcoin and crypto currency … Read more

Snap – 43% price drop with $16 billion lost

#Snap, MT5 #Snap, Day Snap Inc. (#Snap), the owner of the popular social networking app Snapchat, is headquartered in Venice, California. Its shares fell more than 43% on Tuesday (after the close, they gained 1.25%), causing the company’s market capitalization to drop by nearly $16 billion, after the company signaled on Monday that its current-quarter … Read more

NVIDIA Earnings amid soaring interest rate hike expectations.

NVIDIA inc. (NVDA) is a multinational company based in Delaware and also in Santa Clara, California with a market capitalization of 423.13B USD. NVIDIA specialises as worldwide leader in creating visual computing technologies and invented the highly successful Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). The company has been selling graphics cards used in high-end personal computers and … Read more

Exp Spearman Rank Correlation Histogram Time Week Period MT5 Indicator

Expert Advisor Exp_SpearmanRankCorrelation_Histogram with the added option of trading within the weekly range only, the borders of which are specified in the EA’s input settings: input bool TimeTrade=true; input DAYS_OF_WEEK StartD=ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK_2; input HOURS StartH=ENUM_HOUR_8; input MINUTS StartM=ENUM_MINUT_0; input SECONDS StartS=ENUM_SECOND_0; input DAYS_OF_WEEK EndD=ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK_5; … Read more