S&P 500 Index Elliott Wave analysis [Video]

SP 500 Elliott Wave Trading Technical Analysis: SP 500 (SPY), NASDAQ 100 NDX, QQQ ETF, Russell 2000 RUT IWM ETF, Day Trading Strategies.
Market Summary: I’m still considering a corrective rally to the upside as Wave C of (4) However the stocks are suggesting we have a low in place for the bear market, so we also need to view the move up as Wave 1 the start of the next bullish run into new all time highs.
Day / Trend Trading Strategies: Short term and day traders continue long and positions trades need to wait for Wave 2.

Video Chapters:
00:00 S&P500 & SPY ETF.
16:25 NASDAQ 100 (NDX) & QQQ ETF.
19:34 Russell 2000 (RUT) & IWM ETF.
23:56 Thanks for watching!

SP 500 Elliott Wave Counts:
S&P 500 Elliott Wave iii) of 3 of (1).
Russell 2000 Elliott Wave (iii) of 3 of (1).
NASDAQ 100 Elliott Wave iii) of 3 of (1).


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