Dramatic forex moves are not ideal

The jawboning from the Japanese authorities continues, with an unnamed official noting on Wednesday that dramatic FX moves are not ideal. Further comments No comment on FX levels. The government will make the utmost efforts to implement planned inflation policies, step by step. Need to pay attention to worsening sentiment due to rising prices, falling … Read more

Concerned about recent sharp yen weakening

Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki continues to voice his concerns over the sharp depreciation of the yen. Additional quotes Timing and financing sources for swift comprehensive measures to cope with price hikes have not yet been decided. Rapid FX moves are undesirable. Will respond appropriately to FX when necessary. Excess FX volatility and disorderly moves … Read more

Carefully watching impact of changes in US monetary policy

“Carefully watching the impact of changes in US monetary policy on Japan’s economy,” Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki said on Friday. Additional comments Watching fx market moves with even more sense of urgency while working with BOJ. Expects BOJ to continue efforts to achieve price target sustainably, stably. Rapid yen weakening seen in fx market … Read more

Government will respond appropriately to the yen following the G7 agreement

Japan’s Finance Minister Suzuki repeats that FX stability is important, and rapid moves are undesirable. There has been no comment on fx intervention even as the yen falls to the lowest levels since 2002. ”Japan’s government will respond appropriately to the exchange rate following the G7 agreement on currencies,” it was stated. Meanwhile, the Bank … Read more