Natural Gas Futures: Rebound appears overdue

Considering preliminary readings from CME Group for natural gas futures markets, open interest extended the downtrend on Thursday, this time by around 11.3K contracts. Volume, on the other hand, remained erratic and increased by around 145.3K contracts. Natural Gas seems ready for a bounce Prices of natural gas lost further ground on Thursday and dropped … Read more

Lack of direction looks likely near term

Open interest in natural gas futures markets extended the downtrend for yet another session on Wednesday, now by around 9.3K contracts. In the same direction, volume remained choppy and dropped markedly by nearly 134K contracts. Natural Gas looks supported around $6.50 Prices of natural gas charted another inconclusive session on Wednesday against the backdrop of … Read more

Crude Oil Futures: Rebound in the offing?

Considering advanced prints from CME Group for crude oil futures markets, traders reduced their open interest positions by around 6.7K contracts on Wednesday, extending further the downtrend in place since June 7. Volume, instead, increased by around 113.2K contracts and partially reversed the previous pullback. WTI: The $100 mark should hold the downside Prices of … Read more

Crude Oil Futures: Extra gains looks likely

CME Group’s flash data for crude oil futures markets saw traders add nearly 11K contracts to their open interest positions on Friday, extending the uptrend in place since May 23. Volume, instead, shrank by more than 282K contracts, leaving behind the previous daily build. WTI: Next target emerges at the 2022 high Crude oil prices … Read more

Further upside on the table near term

Considering advanced prints from CME Group for crude oil futures markets, traders added around 15.3K contracts to the current uptrend on Thursday. In the same line, volume remained choppy and went up by around 128.4K contracts, partially reversing the previous pullback. WTI: Next on the upside now appears $120.00 Prices of the WTI advanced markedly … Read more